WCRP: Tom Knox Pt.2- It’s A Hard Knox Life..

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From the NSA contest series, to blowing minds at the infamous Chicago Shootout. Iconic video parts, numerous classic skateboards, and quite simply- a LEGENDARY career. Quadruple-OG, skateboarding LEGEND Tom Knox- has rightfully carved his face into street skatings Mount Rushmore. Not only was he a beast on the streets. He was also known to tear down a vert contest, or two. Which was no easy task in that era. Simply put— Tom Knox was a problem!! And, he’s back with an in-depth Part 2, exclusively on WCRP on Skateboarding.
Tune in, as Tom discusses growing up in Visalia, CA. We talk his first sponsor, the early days on Santa Cruz, & old teammates. A classic road trip with Mike Ternawsky, Ron Allen & Jim Thiebaud. The infamous kickflip wallride, and its origins. Placing top 10 in a Pro vert contest, stepping aside for the next generation, his preferred set-up, and all things skateboarding!

What an awesome conversation, with one of the true pioneers of the game. This gentleman us a true, unsung hero of the CULTURE. I wanted to give him his flowers, while he’s here with us. Thank you, Tom!
You know how we do about this time. It’s the mighty, mighty WCRP on Skateboarding. Lets GO!!- Clyde Singleton

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