195. Democratizing Donor Advised Funds to Grow Philanthropy for All - John Bromley

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Meet John. He's tired of seeing donor advised funds sitting around unspent. He's democratized the DAF world, and he wants you and your kids to be an active part of the giving community. You see, once he recognized a need to make giving more accessible and more effective, he launched Charitable Impact which nurtures generosity within each person and bring resources for creating change in the world to everyone. In short, it's a super cool giving platform that makes even a $5 feel like a serious investment in philanthropy. Together, we're talking basics (what the heck is a donor advised fund?) but also talking about how to make our personal philanthropy intentional rather than reactive.
Episode Highlights

  • John’s story and journey to where he is today (2:00)
  • Donor fatigue and the current state of giving today (8:30)
  • Giving proactively vs. reactively (15:00)
  • An overview of Donor Advised Funds (18:00)
  • Features and benefits of DAFs (24:00)
  • Addressing hoarding within DAFs and Foundations (31:00)
  • An overview of Charitable Impact (34:00)
  • A powerful moment of philanthropy in John’s life (41:00)
  • John’s One Good Thing: Ask yourself: Are you charitable? (46:00)

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