198. Community Week: The Promise of Generation Alpha + the Mission of In a Perfect World - Manuela Testolini

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Meet Manuela. We met this L.A. founder in our Community and in PRO, and we positively fell in love with the simple beauty in her nonprofit's mission. After rolling up her sleeves to work on the frontlines of orgs she believed in, she moved from a homeless foundation to running Prince's foundation (yes, you read that right. "That" Prince💜☔️) before starting her own foundation, "In A Perfect World" empowering young people around the world to take action and be kind. She's talking about how to co-create natural empathy in Generation Alpha and how she's seen education be the great equailizer of human vibrancy. Her life 's story is fascinating, heroic, empathetic and reveals one of those amazing founders stories where top brass is first in line and deepest in the trenches - for good. Inspiring! 💡
Episode Highlights

  • Manuela’s story and journey to where she is today (3:00)
  • The founding story of In a Perfect World Foundation (11:30)
  • Inspiring and empowering the next generation: an overview of In a Perfect World’s flagship programs (22:45)
  • Manuela’s vision for In a Perfect World Foundation (30:10)
  • How you can get involved with In a Perfect World (38:00)
  • A powerful moment of philanthropy in Manuela’s life (42:00)
  • Manuela’s One Good Thing: A little by little, a little becomes a lot. (44:00)

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