030: Keeping Your Hard Earned Money in Your Pocket and Away from the Government with The Real Estate CPA Thomas Castelli

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The more you earn, the more the government takes away from you through the form of taxes. But did you know that you can keep your money with you through real estate investing? So how does investing in real estate help you reduce your tax bill?

Investing in real estate not only helps you build wealth but it also comes with an incredible number of tax advantages!

Join John Brackett, CEO – Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Business Partners and Host of We Build Great Apartment Communities Podcast on this episode as he interviews Thomas Castelli!

Thomas is a Real Estate Investor and CPA who helps others build wealth, achieve financial freedom and securely retire by investing in real estate. He founded the Babylon Property Group, a real estate investment company that acquires under performing and distressed real estate assets and provides passive investment opportunities to qualified investors.

Tune in as Thomas will share helpful tax strategies to help you keep your hard-earned dollars inside your pockets and away from the government!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Thomas got into real estate and tax planning
  • How to keep more money in our pockets
  • Real estate as the way to build long term wealth
  • The Real Estate Professional status
  • Trends and key benefits that operators need to be aware of
  • Creating a taxable event
  • Educating and helping our clients understand so they don’t make mistakes
  • Limited partners

Where to reach Thomas Castelli

About our Guest:

Thomas is a Tax Strategist and Real Estate Investor who helps other real estate investors keep more of their hard-earned dollars in their pockets, and out of the government's.

His real-life real estate investing experience, combined with his ever-growing arsenal of hard-hitting tax strategies, allow him to see eye-to-eye with clients in ways an average CPA never could.

Resources Mentioned:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Real Estate CPA


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