032: Protect Yourself and Your Assets: How to Avoid Lawsuits with Scott Smith with Scott Smith

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Whether you lose or not, a lawsuit is detrimental to your business in a lot of ways. However, knowing what risks you’re facing and how to avoid them gives you the chance to run your business successfully!

Join John Brackett, CEO – Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Business Partners and Host of We Build Great Apartment Communities Podcast on this episode as he interviews Scott Smith!

Scott is an Asset Protection Attorney, a Real Estate Investor, and the Founder of Royal Legal Solutions, a firm that provides Real Estate Investors with Asset Protection, Entity Restructuring, and Estate Planning.

Learn the best way to protect yourself and your business as Scott talks about lawsuits in relation to real estate, as well as LLC with anonymity trusts, and many more.

Protect yourself before it happens, start by listening to this episode!

Episode Highlights:

  • How Scott got exposed in the world of real estate investments
  • Is insurance really helpful?
  • How to utilize estate planning to help create privacy within transactions
  • What is Asset Protection? Why is it important? And why should you consider it?
  • Asset protection from an investor POV
  • Asset Protection as a business strategy
  • LLC with anonymity trusts
  • Why everybody should operate through an LLC
  • LLC vs S Corp
  • Tax strategies

Where to reach Scott Smith

Resources Mentioned:

Take A 5-Minute Quiz To Get A Price (Royal Legal Solutions)

About our Guest:

Scott Smith is the founder of Royal Legal Solutions. He was an aggressive litigator who brought suit against major insurance. He knows first-hand the tactics that plaintiff's attorneys use to win lawsuits; And brings this knowledge to bear when setting up business structures to protect your assets.

Through his firm, they analyze their client’s individual situation and put nuanced strategies into place that will not only protect their property to the greatest extent possible but also save their money in taxes and state fees. Their clients range from first time investors to seasoned real estate investors with a broad portfolio of properties.


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