WLTP #179 - Celebrating Disney's Frontierlands - Retiring attractions, dreaming up new ones and a ridiculous Rhyme Time!

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On this episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast, we are adding a tier to Frontierland? Yeah sure, that works.

Today we take a bulldozer to Frontierland! The gang retires a bunch of attractions from Frontierlands at Disneyland AND the Magic Kingdom! And from the ashes will emerge shiny new attractions created by the three amigos of Disney podcasting.

It's a Retire Me AND Armchair Imagineering segments for Frontierland, all in one show! Amazing!

That sounds like a full show....right?

But wait!!! We double dip the rootin' tootin' fun with Mark's favorite game....its Rhyme Time, The Frontierland edition and it's a barnburner (or stormer...your call)

It's time to ride off into the sunset in Frontierland on the 179th episode of the We Like Theme Parks Podcast!

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