19. 60th Anniversary Rumours and Theories

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Welcome to THE TARDIS CREW: a Doctor Who podcast. Baz and Ben Greenland are back for a second series, where they delve into all the announcements, rumours and theories surrounding Russell T Davies' 60th anniversary episodes of Doctor Who. Will other Doctors be returning? Is David Tennant playing the Tenth Doctor? Is Neil Patrick Harris the Celestial Toymaker and who is Beep the Meep? Host Baz Greenland Co-host Ben Greenland Editor Baz Greenland Executive Producer Tony Black Support the We Made This podcast network on Patreon: www.patreon.com/wemadethis We Made This on Twitter: @wmt_network wemadethisnetwork.com Title music: Science or Fiction (c) Blackout Memories via epidemicsound.com Artwork: Elijah Greenland

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