2. The Power of the Dog + Golden Globe Nominations

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Join Academy Watch Host Bo Nicholson and guest Ashley Thomas (The Nerdy Blogger) to take a deep dive into The Power of the Dog! They will expertly weave their way through the nuances of the script to find the true meaning of the film, as well as giving out THE AWARD to the most worthy recipients. Bo will also cover the Golden Globes and Critics Choice nominations to get you prepared for an exciting Oscars in a few months time! Host / Editor Bo Nicholson (@Bo_Pioneer) Listen to his other shows: Pretty Fly (https://pod.link/1522212632) MovieVersaries (https://pod.link/1583380230) Guest Ashley Thomas (@TheNerdyBlogger) Listen to her other shows: Dearly Debated (https://pod.link/1517213655) Sci Fi 5 (https://pod.link/1547051743) Check out her writing: https://nerdyblogging.wordpress.com/ https://fangirlish.com/ And connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/thenerdyblogger Executive Producer Tony Black (@ajblackwriter) Support the We Made This podcast network on Patreon: www.patreon.com/wemadethis We Made This on Twitter: @wmt_network & @academy_watch wemadethisnetwork.com Title music: Lieutenant Baker (c) Mary Riddle via epidemicsound.com Other Music: Big Announcement (c) Out To The World via epidemicsound.com

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