38 - Samurai Pizza Cats with Carl Bryan

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Episode 38 of Right In The Childhood! Right in the Childhood is a podcast about nostalgia and kids TV. The show's host is Mark Adams. Mark is a 43 year old on the edge of Gen X and Millennial, and he invites various friends of all ages and generations to have a chat about a kids' TV show of their choice. They take a look at this treasured TV show from their childhood, share memories, discuss whether the other host has heard of it, rewatch a few episodes and then discuss how it hold up with the hope that it does and that it doesn't hit them... right in the childhood! Mark's guest this month is Carl Bryan from the Shipwrecked & Comatose and Cerebral Jukebox podcasts, and he's chosen Samurai Pizza Cats: the anime imported to the US by Saban, dubbed with different plots and jokes to the original Japanese storylines, and then broadcast in the UK on early morning Saturday shows. Host: Mark Adams Guest: Carl Bryan Editor: Mark Adams Twitter: @RitCPod We Made This on Twitter: @we_madethis www.wemadethisnetwork.com

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