We Should Talk About Type 1 Diabetes and Our Kids with Nurse Practitioner and Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Ellie Kagan

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November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and in order to raise more awareness around the rising diagnosis of type I diabetes in children. The Two Jess(es) sit down with Nurse Practioner and certified diabetes care and education specialist, Ellie Kagan, for an incredibly informative conversation on type 1 diabetes and how it affects children with a diagnosis. Ellie breaks down the road to diagnosis, what families will face, and how they should expect to navigate such a life altering situation, for the entire family. Ellie outlines the symptoms you might encounter, what to look for, and when to seek professional help. This episode is incredibly eye opening and a must for every parent.
Meet Ellie:
As a Nurse Practitioner and certified diabetes care and education specialist, Ellie Kagan has been helping children with type 1 and their families manage their diabetes for the past 13 years. She worked as part of the outpatient clinical practice at Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins Hospital and University of Maryland Hospital from 2008-2021. Ellie is a certified insulin pump trainer for Tandem, Insulet and Medtonic as well as a certified continuous glucose monitor trainer for Dexcom. Ellie saw the need for more personalized diabetes education and recently opened Diabetes Education Solutions, a private diabetes coaching and consulting business. She provides families with the tools they need to help their child succeed and thrive with diabetes. She currently serves as an advisor and research moderator for Seagrove Partners, LLC, an independent consulting firm concentrating on diabetes research and technology. Ellie is a frequent guest speaker and educator for school nurses at public and private schools and is called on to speak about diabetes management at school conferences. To find out more about Ellie and her work go to: http://diabetesesolutions.com

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