Making Connections with Bariatric Surgeon Dr Neil Floch

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In this episode I chat with Dr Neil Floch. Dr Floch is a bariatric surgeon at Western Connecticut Health Network, now known as NuVance and is in private practice at Fairfield County Bariatrics.

This episode starts with Reeger's preamble acknowledging two important anniversaries in the month of June, getting closer to our 5% patron goal (Thank you!), and how to become a patron at either Patreon or PayPal.

Discussed with Dr Floch:

  • Dr Floch's introduction to bariatric surgery from Dr Raul Rosenthal (a prior guest on this podcast HERE).
  • What is Dr Floch’s overall passion and goal when it comes to educating people about the disease of obesity.
  • How does bariatric surgery work.
  • Set-Point and the work of Dr Sandoval and Dr Randy Seeley (a prior guest on this podcast episode 34, episode 56, and episode 74).
  • Bariatric surgery changes Hormones, Bile acids, and the Gut Microbiome.
  • Factors Dr Floch takes into consideration when talking with patients about which bariatric surgery to choose.
  • Should weight loss be required prior to bariatric surgery.
  • How big should a person be before they are considered a candidate for bariatric surgery.
  • The influence of reality TV on peoples bariatric surgery decision-making.
  • What does Dr Floch say in response to comments like “Bariatric surgery is the easy way out.”
  • The disease of obesity is a different problem than the problem we were treating 20-30 years ago.
  • Dr Floch’s thoughts on the work that remains to be done.

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