Dustin Young: The Male Doula (Part 2)

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This episode features a conversation with my guest, Dustin Young.

Dustin is a Mentor, Physical and Mental Health Advocate, and a Doula. He is also the Founder of Our Own – a nonprofit organization serving as a catalyst for innovation and epicenter to provide resources in untapped communities, while dismantling systemic barriers in nutrition, education, entrepreneurship, mental health, and physical fitness to further bridge the gap and ensure racial equity and social justice.

After graduating with a degree in Psychology and Sociology, Dustin went on to work for various organizations that focused on mental, physical as well as behavioral prevention with inner city youth. His firsthand experience has given him deep knowledge and understanding of issues in providing optimal health solutions. This has also prepared him for the new role he has taken as a Male Doula.

This episode is the second of a two part conversation. Dustin reveals the conclusion of his incredible story about assisting his nephew's birth, as well as what he hopes fathers learn from his experience.
I have no doubt you'll only enjoy this talk and learn from it as well.
As always, thank you for listening!
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