Episode 307- Attack the Block (2011)

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In this week's episode, we're loopy on prosecco and the fact that we still didn't know who won the election at the time of recording, which is just fine because we are talking about the 2011 British sci-fi horror comedy "Attack the Block." Special topics for your consideration include: an extremely brief synopsis of a television series that has been running for nearly 40 seasons, wiggly dog butts, slang we *absolutely* do not understand, the concept of Katie being Freaky Friday'd with a teenage boy and digressions: lots of em.

British horror comedy! First and foremost, check out Episode 160- "Shaun of the Dead" but if you'd like something more on the horror end, you can't go wrong with Episode 60- "American Werewolf in London" and if you'd like something more on the comedy end, there's always Episode 131- "Hot Fuzz."

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