Episode 317- Dracula 2000 (1999)

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For the second week in a row, we're wandering around in the strange and somewhat incomprehensible world of the year 1999: the dawning of a new millenium, Y2K and the 1999 modernization of a classic tale, "Dracula 2000." Seriously though, why? (and is the pun "Why2K" too much? Eh, too late now.) Special topics for your consideration include: a lot of very very good Dracula-based film ideas, the ephemeral quality of Monster Magnet in our memories, the inexplicable relationship between Dracula and nu-metal, and weird pants and even weirder plot points.

Some vampire movies are really good, like Episode 163- "Let the Right One In." A lot of other vampire movies are really bad, like Episode 89- "Queen of the Damned."

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