Episode 326- Swamp Thing (1982)

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*airhorn sound* WE'RE BACK ON THE PORCH!!! *airhorn sound*

In this week's episode, we're reunited in person for the first time in ~5 months and the result is one of our most joyful episodes in a long time. We're discussing the 1982 Wes Craven-directed DC Comics horror film "Swamp Thing." Special topics for your consideration include: inexplicable love interests, weird sibling relationships, some potential marketing options for Bud Light, being both a badass and ill-prepared for the swamp, human ~*~essence~*~ and a perm that just won't quit.

Cravin' some Craven? (I hate myself): Episode 4- "A Nightmare on Elm Street," Episode 44- "Scream," Episode 138- "The People Under the Stairs," Episode 228- "Scream 4," and Episode 278- "Scream 3." Truly the elephant in this room is "Scream 2," huh?

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Intro song is by Alex Van Luvie Outro song is A. Wallis- "EMT" Seriously, we have the best listeners, hands down.

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