Thank You All, this is our Farewell Episode

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I’ll just say it outright: After a two year battle with pancreatic cancer, my father has passed away. I don’t know what words can do it justice, but here’s quite a few anyway. I’ve recorded a final episode, the bulk of which is a conversation with my immediate family about my father’s legacy, and a lot of talk about what kind of man he was. I think it more or less speaks for itself, and I understand if it’s not something you want to listen to, but I do believe the episode itself is less depressing and more affirming than you might imagine. You’ll hear about the things Dad loved, the passions that drove his life, and true to the spirit of the podcast, a whole lot of digressions about nonsense and anecdotes about movies. We play a long car ride game.

It’s been a difficult time, and I wanted to provide some closure for the show. Thank you all so much for listening, it has meant an enormous amount over the last two years. You guys are the best. I wish we could keep doing the show, but this how it goes. Here are some pictures of the man, and despite the sadness we feel right now, something I’d like to underline is how tremendously he lived, and what a good time he had doing it. He made a lot of other people’s lives better, and had a pretty damn good one himself. Thanks again for listening.

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