Ep.110 - Clubhouse, Rolling Stone & Nostalgia

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In a Week Where:

  1. Legendary Interviewer/TV Host Larry King dies aged 87.
  2. Met Police raid an illegal gathering in. Knightsbridge, issuing fines worth over £15k.
  3. Google threatens to shut down its search engine in Australia.
  4. Frank Lampard is out as Chelsea manager.
  5. UK passes 100k COVID related deaths.

In the first of two Life segments: (8:12) Clubhouse has been blowing up recently, but it's been more about the negative/stupid conversations that have been going down on it. And I'm that into it. (Written By Nicolas-Tyrell Scott)

In Music: (29:29) Rolling Stone are charging $2K for people to write on their site and join 'networking' groups with the help of some incredibly weird names and I can't help but chuckle. (Written By Archie Bland)

In Sports: (41:17) Bomani Jones is one of my favourite voices in any space, but the landscape around him is shifting and Sports Broadcasters, not just in the US but in the UK as well, need to catch up. (Written By Ben Strauss)

Lastly, in the 2nd Life segment: (58:05) Back in the day, nostalgia used to be considered a bad thing. Now, it's common place and 'Big Tech' have been, in some ways, force-feeding it to us. (Written By Eleanor Peake)

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Intro Music - "Too Much" By Vanilla
Interlude - "Charismatic" By NappyHigh
ChillHop Music - (https://chillhop.bandcamp.com)

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