Ep.154 - The Nationality and Borders Bill

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In a week where:
1. Ghislaine Maxwell, is found guilty on sex trafficking-related charges.
2. Betty White dies aged 99
3. Max Julien, star of "The Mack", dies aged 88
4. Winnie The Pooh, Hemingway, Agatha Christie novels & over 400k sound recordings enter the public domain.
5. It's the anniversary of the US Capitol Riots.

In the first of two segments on The Arts: (7:00) Music at it's full potential can be a time machine and when you find those songs after years of not spinning them, they can connect you to things you may have completely forgotten about.

In Tech: (19:13) In light of Apple breaking $3 Trillion in market cap, one side of the tech giant is baffling industry people. Why is Apple so content for having a mid-tier streaming service?

In Current Affairs: (34:56) The Government are so close in their effort to push into law the "Nationalities & Borders Bill", a law built to make migration harder and in it's essence, rooted in Empire.

Lastly, in the 2nd segment on The Arts: The Blk Art Group, a briefly bright collective of UK Black artists, built to combat Thatcher's Britain, are gaining a new audience via an exhibition at the Tate.

Thank you for listening! If you want to contribute to the show, whether it be sending me questions or voicing your opinion in any way, peep the contact links below and I'll respond accordingly. Let me know "What's Good?"

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