Ep.184 - Modern Culture & The British Press

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In a week where:

  1. The Conservatives lose two more seats after by-elections in Wakefield & Tiverton and Honiton.
  2. The US Supreme Court officially overturn Roe V Wade.
  3. Prince Charles taking €3M in Qatari money.
  4. Glastonbury comes & goes after two years out.
  5. Ghislane Maxwell is sentenced to 20 years.

In Society: (8:13) America is in several levels of low after the past week, and in efforts to understand it all, it's time to zoom out.

In Culture: (25:21) With so much of modern culture drenched in nostalgia, is there any space for "modern culture" to take root?

In Film/TV: (47:26) After the release of her documentary on Barrel Children, (peep the WG Long Read on the OG story here) one of my writing favs Nadine White gives some words on how the TV industry lets down black viewers.

Lastly, in Media: (1:01:21) As I have bathed in Mick Lynch destroying British Media, it is worth looking back at how the press have demonised the working class and apply it to the current summer of strikes.

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