Ep.185 - Digital Amnesia & Being Spontaneous

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In a week where:

  1. A gunman kills three people and injured another four at a shopping mall in Copenhagen.
  2. BBC admits they received complaints about Tim Westwood.
  3. Six people die after a shooting during July 4th parade.
  4. Russia claims victory in Ukraine's eastern Luhansk region.
  5. Sajid Javid & Rishi Sunak lead a flurry of Tory cabinet resignations.

In Politics: (11:41) As the Tory party crumbles, it must be said that they're still going in many other ways, including following the US in abortion rights.

In Tech: (23:27) As if we didn't have enough reasons to have an existential freak-out about smartphones and how prevalent they are in our lives, now we have to think about what is called "digital amnesia".

In Society: (41:38) Anti-racism movements have taken a back seat in the UK, but was it a state sanctioned movement that blunted it? A new book makes the claim.

Lastly, in Life: (56:43) I like to think of myself as spontaneous and it's fun to be so, but could it benefit everyone to have a somewhat unstructured element in life?

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