Ep.188 - The Forde Report & Anti-Car Movement

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In a week where:

  1. Ukraine & Russia agree on grain deal to avert a global food crisis... Only for Russia to bomb one of the ports.
  2. WHO declare Monkeypox a public health emergency of international concern.
  3. Marvel announce new slate of works, including two Avengers films in 2025.
  4. David Trimble, Northern Ireland's 1st First Minister & architect of the Good Friday Agreement, dies aged 77.
  5. The UK will host 2023 Eurovision.

In Sports: (11:05) It's been 10 years since the 2012 London Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony; masterminded by director Danny Boyle, it was a great love letter to everything notable about Britain. But in the current climate, the ceremony seems decades ago.

In Politics: (32:49) The Tory leadership continues to take the media's attention; so let's talk about something drastically more interesting, The Forde Report which shined a light on Labour's Corbyn years.

In Music: (46:40) With the likes of Tim Westwood finally having decades of disgraceful acts coming back at him, it seems that the music industry has yet to evolve. Gal-dem & VICE team up to help amplify the voices of those that have been chewed up & spit out by the industry.

Lastly, in Society: (59:43) It's becoming more and more obvious that cars are a long-term ill for society and our dependence on them need to be curbed. Enter the anti-car movement, a set of online creators & communities that are gaining traction (pun intended) in their quest to kill car dependency.

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