Ep.195 "Some People Journal, I Create Songs" W/ Treasure Bloom

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In what is only my 2nd in-person interview for the Pod, we link up with dual threat artist, Treasure Bloom. Those who follow my photography, know that I discovered TB off the back of his support act for other #FriendOf5E, Otis Mensah. (2nd Interview with Otis off the back of that show can be spun here.)

Now, a few months after, we link with Treasure Bloom to have food outside the Camden Diner and discuss his beginnings, how he found his taste in Metal music, how those roots brought helped him become the Treasure Bloom he is today and - of course - his Top 5.

And on top of the interview, I got to see him that night for a showcase of Alt R&B talent. You can find that story and photos on my photography site. It's dropping in conjunction with this episode.

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Intro Music - "Baxter" By Brock Berrigan
Interlude - "To Wherever" By GYVUS
ChillHop Music

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