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Energy comes in many forms. In this episode Harry and Daphne discuss the various types of energy.

  • physical energy - having enough energy to get through the day
  • spiritual energy (esotericism) - AKA life force, qi, soul
  • Qi - life energy, the vital force that flows through all living things
  • taoism - philosophy of life meaning; "living with harmony"

"spirituality concerns what we do with our desires...with the fire inside of us. The opposite of being spiritual is not a person who rejects the idea of God, rather the opposite of being spiritual is to have no have lost all zest for living. If we do things which keep us energized and integrated we have health spirituality. If our yearing drives us into actions which harden our insides or cause us to fall apart then we have an unhealthy spirituality." Ronald Rohlheiser, a Catholic Priest

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