The Top 3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned By Starting A Podcast

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In this episode I wanted to take a second to share some of the best advice and life lessons that I’ve learned from talking to over 150 brilliant guests on this podcast. These three points stand out to me as some of the most impactful and valuable lessons that I’ve taken away from doing this show. I hope they help you as well! If they do, please do me a favor and share this episode with someone else who you think it would help! Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro (The 3 Most Valuable Lessons I’ve learned) 1:12 - Lesson 1 (It’s Not About the Numbers) 3:45 - Lesson 2 (Finding Purpose is the Most Important Thing) 5:30 - Tips to Help You Find Your Purpose When You’re Lost 8:43 - Lesson 3 (Patience, Consistency, and Mastering Your Craft) 11:47 - A Personal Example of Lesson Number Three 13:30 - Final Thoughts / Conclusion (Enjoy The Process) Andrew Cramb: @andrew_ftw Produced & Edited by - Deanna Elise: @deannaelxse Where Are All My Friends Podcast: Website: Subscribe: HERE Discord: HERE Patreon: HERE

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