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WHEREING explores ‘where we are’. Like clothing, we are ‘WHEREING’ (wear-ing) our spaces. Hosted by architect/designer/professor Nina Freedman, these are mindful conversations about BELONGING, SPACE AND DESIGN.

Where Are You? is a basic existential question.

Where do you belong? Where are you most yourself?

Where is home? Does home witness you?
Your soul is an intimate, soft witness to places in your memory, and the stories that unfold to curate the arc of your life. Home is in your soul. You take it with you. It remembers you.

Your spaces and objects hold personal, family, community, city and cultural stories. They form a layered map, collage and embodied geography, of touch, hear and smell. They contain beautiful and imperfect fragments that describe your place in the world. At its essence, WHEREING is about the questions of belonging, where you are.

How is your story revealed in your space? Or maybe it isn’t.

At WHEREING we talk about connections or disconnections with spaces or objects, and how we equally impact the spaces that impact us.

These conversations will be based four categories, or what we call ‘neighborhoods’.
Belonging/s, Transiency and Stasis, Places I cannot Change and Aesthetic Aging Occasionally we feature a great home story. Together we will journey though a creative map of the emotional place.

The first season of WHEREING will have 12 episodes, with interviews featured twice a month.
A mindful architectural design practice integrating psychology and design.

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