Psalms of Ascent: Psalm 121/Providence

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Psalms of Ascent: Psalm 121/Providence Having grown fed up with the ways of the world, the psalmist now turns to seek help. Where does help come from? When you’re worried, or stressed, disappointed or discoursed, where do you turn? In Psalm 121, the psalmist first lifts his eyes to the mountains, is that where help can come from? Can help truly come from any created thing? It is the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth, the Maker of those very mountains, He alone can guard and protect us... How can we trust Him more? How can we learn to go to Him instinctually, like going to a light switch in a darkened room? Join us this week as we learn just what is promised to us in Psalm 121, so that we can know what we ought to seek from the Lord! Pastor Nate Roschen

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