Psalms of Ascent: Psalm 124/Help

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Psalms of Ascent: Psalm 124 Help “If God hadn’t been for us...” This phrase could well summarize our experience with God! Psalm 123 begins with this thought, that if not for God’s direct intervention, for His choosing to be with us, we would be swallowed alive. The notion that God’s great love expressed through His mercy, prevents us from being consumed, is a common one in the Old Testament. This is what the author of Lamentations found as he witnessed the fall of Jerusalem – the people of God were not consumed! This is what Isaiah wrote of in Isaiah 43. There is no guarantee that we will not experience trials, even painful ones. In fact, they seem to be a certainty in this life. But God promises something better. He will be with us. Through the waters. Through the fire. He is the God who provides an ark in the flood. A Savior to the sinner. If God hadn’t been for us, we’d have been swallowed alive. Join us this Sunday as we continue to apply the Psalms to our lives! Pastor Nate Roschen

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