Students of the Savior: Lord of the Sabbath/Part 2

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Students of the Savior: Lord of the Sabbath: Part 2 Matthew 12:1-14 As we continue to explore the purpose and place of rest, we now turn to the New Testament. Jesus’ own practices often confused and confounded those who followed Him. In the midst of great success, He would pull away from the crowds for quiet time with the Father. And we know that Jesus kept the Sabbath, but according to God’s standards, and not human extrapolations and man-made rules. As we look to Jesus’ words in Matthew 12, we’ll find that rest has a lot to do with mercy, and that Sabbath has much to do with trust, and that Jesus’ way of exhibiting these looked like an unhurried way of life. Join us as we look to Jesus to help us understand rest and its place in our lives. Pastor Nate Roschen

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