Episode 724 - Tashi Mark Warner

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Tashi Mark Warner is a martial arts practitioner, US Army veteran, and instructor at the Mark Warner's Professional Martial Arts Academy in Connecticut.

There are no bad arts, but you need really good teachers in the arts…

Tashi Mark Warner - Episode 724

“I want to be Bruce Lee”. Explicitly said by Tashi Mark Warner when he was asked how did he start martial arts. Exposed to the movies by Bruce Lee and David Carradine, Tashi Mark Warner developed an affinity with Martial Arts. Tashi Warner trained predominantly with Kung Fu and Karate throughout his storied career. Eventually, he will establish the Mark Warner's Professional Martial Arts Academy in Connecticut.

In this episode, Tashi Mark Warner talks about his martial arts journey, his service in the US Army, and his love for knowledge and learning new things.

Show Notes

For more information, check out Tashi Mark Warner’s Facebook Page or website

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