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If you're searching for an authentic, career-focused podcast, designed by STEM and healthcare professionals for STEM and healthcare professionals, you're in the right place! The White Coat White Collar® Podcast is on a mission to demystify the career landscape so STEM and healthcare students, graduates, and professionals can find the path best suited to them. In each bi-weekly episode, podcast host Dr. Aurellia Whitmore dives deep into the diverse career options in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-related fields. Join to listen to real white coats (PhDs, PharmDs, healthcare professionals, and STEM professionals) share their unique journeys to white-collar careers. For more resources on unique career options for STEM and Healthcare professionals, follow White Coat White Collar® on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. If you love what Dr. Whitmore is doing and would like to be a sponsor to continue helping demystify the career landscape, please visit https://www.whitecoatwhitecollar.com/sponsor. All the best on your career journey! Remember to take the journey one step at a time and don't be too hard on yourself – YOU GOT THIS!

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