Barbara Lamb interviewed by Roderick Martin shares details about Regression Therapy and more !

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Barbara is a longtime psychotherapist, having been licensed in 1976, and a highly trained hypnotherapist and regression therapist since 1984. She had five years of training in regression therapy by the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies. She became a trainer for that organization as well as for the Professional Institute of Regression Therapy and the International Board of Regression Therapists. In 1991 she began regressing people to the details of their Extraterrestrial encounters, and has regressed well over 2000 people (in over 4000 regressions) to those and to other paranormal experiences. This work and her Past Life Therapy and her Soul Guidance work continues, with sessions in person in San Diego, Calfornia and on Skype or Zoom.
Her exemplary work is featured on Ancient Aliens on Netflix, August 8th, 2019 episode, also on the History Channel.
She received three Lifetime Achievement Awards: from the International UFO Congress, from the Starworks USA Conference and from the Conscious Life Expo, in the field of UFOlogy and for Experiencer Support.
Barbara has been a dedicated researcher of the crop circle phenomenon since 1990. She personally visited and investigated hundreds of crop circles in England for 27 years, conducted crop circle tours, and she continues to follow this amazing phenomenon. She has given numerous lectures about crop circles at many groups, large forums and conferences across the U.S and other countries, and radio and film interviews on this subject. She co-authored the book Crop Circles Revealed with substantial information and pictures of these amazing patterns laid down in our crops by some mysterious agent.
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