Monsters Within-Lust and Purity-Shawn Williams

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Lust is when we satisfy our own desires, rather than loving how God loves. God wants us to move from lust to love and fully embrace His plan for purity. There’s evil in this world, but more often than not, what’s most dangerous are the monsters within. These monsters lead us to become the darkest versions of ourselves, and too many times we feel isolated to fight these battles on our own. But we’re not alone. Even though evil tries to rob us, Jesus has already overcome it. Instead of falling victim to sloth, lust, gluttony, wrath, envy, pride, and greed, let’s call on the name of Jesus and clothe ourselves with diligence, purity, self-control, reconciliation, fulfillment, humility, and generosity. When we allow Jesus in, the monsters have nowhere to hide.

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