Process Desires w/ Yvonne Orji

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Issa #WCW & this week W.E. are crushin' on a QUEEN that bodied her evolution! Comedienne, actress, and author—Yvonne Orji—chopped it up with SJR about how she was 'Bamboozled by Jesus' into a season of self-discovery. With BIG faith, a humble brag, unapologetic laughter, & Eve-like tendencies, Yvonne is highkey FAM to the Delegation! Get BAMBOOZLED when you cop her new book at! Then, TAP IN to homegirl-time in the sanctuary as the two discuss performative love, going to therapy, hustle culture, femininity, and restoration in relationships. This episode is sponsored by + + (code: EVOLVE). Tell them W.E. sent you!

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