Process in the Present

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Description: Sis, what is the podcast without the Delegation? A bwok bwok Chickenhead! And for this reason alone, W.E. aren't breaking up, but the format is shifting with fresh perspective. In this episode, SJR & Cora linked up to end the weekly live streams on Facebook & YouTube with a BANG! Eve shouted, "if it's up, then it's up" (as rescues were)! W.E. shook our tambourines for the people & places worthy to be praised! Then the sister-duo unpacked advice questions. Intending to process her desire in the present moment, our girl SJR posed the question—What steps are you taking to achieve a particular end? Beloved, W.E. see you side-eyeing, but again this is NOT a goodbye. Stay tuned for upcoming episodes when you SUBSCRIBE to Apple & Google Podcasts or FOLLOW on Spotify! Also, CLAIM your listener perks at + +!

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