How to Protect Yourself as a Woman in Business in a Man’s World- Helen Hudson

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Helen Hudson is the creator behind the SafeShowings app. As a REALTOR®, she has faced the circumstance of being alone with strangers many times. After being put into a particularly vulnerable situation of being alone with three male strangers without anyone knowing her location, she decided to research some safety solutions. Her findings fell short, so she took matters into her own hand and decided to create an app to not only help herself, but to help other REALTORS® proactively take control of their safety when alone with a stranger. Listen in to find out what makes her app so unique as well as what her biggest challenge has been as an entrepreneur. Connect with Helen: Email: helen@safeshowings.comOnline: www.safeshowings.comFacebook: phone: 1-800-268-8437 Like the show? Be sure to click the “Like” button and share it to your favorite social media! Are you a female entrepreneur who would like to join our amazing group of ladies and be featured on the Women Entrepreneurs show? Or are you an expert in your field and would like to be considered as one of our Expert Members? Then reach out to Julie Anderson for more information at or our group liaison Kelli Cooper at Join the revolution! Join our Facebook group and like the page to stay connected with all the exciting announcements and the incredible women in our group. Page:

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