Season 2, Episode 30 - Martina Kwan - Racer, Change Agent, Influencer and Tastemaker

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Born in Hong Kong to a German mother and Chinese father, Martina Kwan was destined for a life that was different. She spent her childhood in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, but credits living in war-torn Beirut, Lebanon between the ages of 8-10, as an experience that defined much of her fearlessness today. Her unique path in life has shaped her into a woman of drive and determination.

With a successful career in finance and business, Kwan made a commitment to herself to become a race car driver at the age of 50. Her racing experience has driven her to three championships and a passion for teaching others to believe in themselves. Martina shares her life experiences with host Amanda Busick including how she turned her PTSD into the top of the podium.

This is an amazing story of an exceptional woman. Enjoy the ride.

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