Season 3, Episode 48 - Mia Walsh - Porsche Club of America - National High Performance Driver Education Chair

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Her love affair with Porsche started with a “FOR SALE” sign on a Saturn Yellow ’72 914 that Mia Walsh saw while on her bicycle just prior to her 16th birthday. Somehow, she convinced the owner to let her take it for a spin. It wouldn’t be until 25 years later that she and her husband would purchase their first Porsche and join the Potomac Region of the PCA. With over 300 total track days under her belt and encouraged by other racers to make the move to Club Racing, Mia modified her ’09 Cayman S into a fully prepared GTB1 Race Car. She had her first race at Summit Point in 2015, winning two 3rd place podiums her first weekend, as well as the coveted Rookie Award from PCA National.

After being recognized nationally as a top HPDE instructor in 2013, Mia worked her way up to the Potomac Region President in 2019. Walsh now serves as Porsche Club of America - National High-Performance Driver Education Chair where she hopes to continue to encourage more women to participate.

Mia chats with host Amanda Busick about her career with PCA and how she continues to inspire females in the classroom and at the track and how her birding hobby has helped her focus on racing.

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