Season 2, Episode 36 - Brittany Force - NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racer

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She comes from motorsports royalty. With a racing father in John Force, Brittany Force and her sisters grew up at all the tracks she’s now racing. She feels quite at home at these tracks where her team is also her family – a family that she enjoys celebrating the highs with and learning from their lows.

In just five seasons, Brittany Force went from rookie to Top Fuel World Champion by securing the 2017 NHRA Top Fuel world championship. She was only the second woman to hold the world title in Top Fuel and the first in 35 years. Now Brittany holds both ends of the Top Fuel national records.

Brittany has 11 Top Fuel wins; 32 Top Fuel No. 1 qualifiers and her time and speed records include 3.623 seconds at 338.17 mph!

Force chats with host Amanda Busick about life on and off the track and how she turned a terrifying wreck in 2018 into proof that she has heart, desire and love of drag racing to continue the championship hunt in a sport that she’s known literally her entire life.

Enjoy the ride.

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