Season 2, Episode 38 - Jessica Fickenscher - Chief Experience Officer at Speedway Motorsports

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It’s all about the fan experience. This week’s guest, Jessica Fickenscher, is the Chief Experience Officer for Speedway Motorsports and makes it her daily mission to ensure race fans at their eleven premier NASCAR facilities have an experience of a lifetime.

Speaking of experiences, Jessica has experienced a lot in her 25+ years at Speedway Motorsports. She first entered the doors as an intern and will probably exit those same doors when she walks into retirement. Her fans-first initiatives have delivered best-in-class fan experiences and she continues to create ways to make their attendees happy and coming back for more.

If the fan experience responsibility wasn’t enough, Fickenscher also facilitates capital improvement and property development projects across the company’s facilities and oversees their relationship with food service partner, Levy Restaurants. In addition, she leads business operations as the senior executive for company subsidiaries U.S. Legend Cars which consists of the world’s largest producer of fun and affordable race cars, and SMI Properties, a souvenir production and merchandising division.

Fickenscher is the managing director of Speedway Children’s Charities national chapter and serves as a board member for the Charlotte chapter. Speedway Children’s Charities is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides funding for non-profit organizations in the Charlotte community that meet the direct needs of children.

Jessica chats with host Amanda Busick about how she juggles so many responsibilities while maintaining a family life – something that is important to not only Jessica, but to her employer as well.

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