Season 2, Episode 39 - Part 1 - Renée & Christina Brinkerhoff Go To The Edge in Antarctica

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They had accomplished six out of seven continents in their quest to end child trafficking with their Valkyrie Racing Project 356 campaign. The last leg was a cold reality… literally. Even though there had been months (and a COVID year) of preparation, this final journey to Antarctica did not go off without a hitch. The mother-daughter team of Renée and Christina Brinkerhoff share the unexpected hurdles that they had to overcome in the days leading up to their final Project 356 chapter and the sobering moment when they wrote their “death letters” to their loved ones in case they didn’t come home.

This Brinkerhoff duo loves going to the edge. It’s in their blood. While they are family, they’re also teammates who are willing to risk their lives for a cause they are determined to eliminate. While these two brave women and their small but mighty team faced the cold conditions, this story will surely warm the hearts of our listeners. Renée and Christina Brinkerhoff share the days leading up to the start of their final 356 miles with host Amanda Busick in Part 1 of our 2-part series.

Bundle up. This is a good one.

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