Season 3, Episode 42 - Stefy Bau and the Power of Positive Thinking

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Stefy Bau was born and raised in Italy. As a child, she barely remembers a time when she wasn’t on a motorcycle. She was first introduced to bikes by her father at age 4 and by 6, she was hooked on motocross. At that point, she told her parents that she would one day race professionally and live in the United States. Because her parents supported her 100% and told her she could be anything she wanted to be, she pursued her dream with great passion.

She was successful from the beginning as she won every race she entered. She was the first woman to win every round of the WMA National Championship in 1999. Her career led her to seven Italian National Championships, 5 US National Championships, and 3 Women World Championships. She was considered one of the fastest women motocross racers in the world. But in 2005, her career suddenly ended.

At the age of 28, a mishap with a jump completely shattered both of Stefy’s ankles. She was told that there was only a 1% chance that her left leg could be saved. After being bed-ridden for 6 months and then in a wheelchair and eventually crutches, it took 10 years of surgeries to fix her ankle so that she could walk again.

She was angry and in a very dark place at first, but then decided to take the positives out of the situation like being able to walk again, and proving all the doctors wrong. By her parents telling her she could do anything, coupled with finding the positive in everything, Stefy was able to defy the odds in a devastating injury and stay in the sport she loves.

Oh, the power of positive thinking!

Stefy is currently the CEO of Init Esports where they focus on SIM-Racing and the development of women in gaming and Init Sports that develops athletes and brands in the motorsports industry with particular attention to the electric motorcycle market and the Ebike industry. Stefy also serves on the advisory board of WiST (Women In Sports Tech) and continues to mentor women in sports and gaming to help grow the community.

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