Season 3, Episode 43 - Sara Price - Motocross Champion & Extreme E Series Racer

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Southern Californian Sara Price has been racing most of her life. She first raced at the age of eight and by 16, she was racing professionally. In 2010, she was the first female factory-supported motocross racer with Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing. She has won 19 national motocross championships. Prior to making the switch to four-wheeled racing in 2012, she also medaled in Women's Super X at the 2010 X Games, and holds the record as the winningest female amateur to date. She currently competes in Off-Road Desert racing in a Trophy Truck, and works as a stunt professional, performing on motorcycles and in vehicles, and as a precision driver for television and film.

Sara recently returned for her second season with Chip Ganassi Racing after becoming the first driver announced for the new electric racing venture in Extreme E in 2021. Price is the first female driver for Chip Ganassi Racing in the team’s 32-year history and was also the first female driver signed in the new Extreme-E series. Price and her teammate Kyle LeDuc drive the No. 99 GMC HUMMER EV for Chip Ganassi Racing. The Extreme-E series is the first sport built out of concern for the climate crisis. The series’ goal is to use electric racing to highlight remote environments under threat of climate change issues, and to encourage us all to take positive action to protect our planet’s future. The five-race series goes to the extreme in Saudi Arabia, Italy (twice) Chile and Uruguay.

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