Season 3, Episode 44 - Lauren Fix - The Car Coach

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Automotive expert Lauren Fix is the nation's industry-leading expert in all things automotive and appears weekly on national television and radio as well as His Turn-Her Turn™ and Car Coach Reports. Lauren is an automotive authority who teaches drivers everywhere to love their choices and love their cars. She has written three books on automobiles as well as having appeared on CNN, FOX News, Newsmax TV, CNBC, and USA Radio's Daybreak USA show and was Oprah’sgo-to gal for everything automotive. If you’re in need of buying a car or auto repair, you want Lauren on your side. She’s the first to tell you that knowledge is power, and she can help you rev up your car smarts to help you keep money in your wallet.

Her story is inspirational and her passion is infectious. She chats with our host, Amanda Busick.

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