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Teja Bell is a committed practitioner of the Dharma and the Dao, a recognized Zen Master, a 6th-degree black belt in Aikido, and a qigong teacher. Teja emphasizes the healing and restorative aspects of qigong, with a focus on mindfulness and meditation. Listen in as he shows how mindfulness, meditation, and martial arts can impact your entrepreneurial journey.

Timestamps: 02:30 - The Art of Undoing 08:45 - The use of martial arts 13:03 - Harmonious living 14:29 - Competition 16:56 - Transformation 21:56 - What is Qigong? 24:08 - Qigong is a legitimate change 31:29 - Getting started with meditation 39:32 - Relax and recharge! 43:28 - “Soul searching” 48:23 - Qigong vs Tai Chi 51:40 - Join Teja’s Wednesday classes!

Links Teja Bell: https://www.tejabell.com/

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