What does Boris Johnson’s resignation mean for UK foreign policy?

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The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, resigned as Conservative Party leader last week, bowing to pressure after more than 50 government resignations. Emily Tamkin in Israel and Katie Stallard in Washington DC are joined by the host of the New Statesman podcast and the NS’s Britain editor, Anoosh Chakelian, to discuss the race to replace him, the candidates’ foreign policy agendas and what Johnson’s departure might mean for the UK’s support for Ukraine.

In Japan, the country’s former prime minister Abe Shinzo has died after being shot while making a speech in the western city of Nara. The team discuss the attack, Abe’s political legacy and what his death means for Japan and the politics of the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Then, in You Ask Us, a listener asks what to watch for in US president Joe Biden’s visit with Israel’s interim prime minister, Yair Lapid.

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Emily Tamkin explains how Joe Biden’s democratic values will be tested in the Middle East.

Katie Stallard on the assassination of Abe Shinzo.

Jeremy Cliffe on the political legacy of Japan’s longest-serving prime minister.

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