What Happened to Rockstar? Dying Light 2 UPDATE! Hitman Trilogy! Xbox Ultimate 73

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On this episode of Xbox Ultimate Podcast! Rumors are swirling of a Red Dead Redemption Remake and an Update for Red Dead Redemption 2 ... while thats sounds good in and of itself.. where are any NEW game announcements from this Massive studio that used to put out high quality games every few years? Dying Light 2 is getting at least 5 yrs of planned support after launch with Story DLC, new locations, new events and in game items... sounds like this massive game will only get better and bigger over time! Hitman Trilogy was announced for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass day 1 on January 20th joining a huge day for Xbox Game Pass with Rainbow Six Extraction.. Hitman 3's Season 2 content will drop that day with New modes and content! Ray Tracing was announced as coming to the PC version of Hitman as well as the Trilogy will include VR Support! Is there a new Killer Instinct in development? New rumors are out there about who could be making it for Xbox. Joined Tonight by Special Guest Forkboy @Forkboy_Gaming

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