YHS on Monster Island - I Guess We're Doing Godzilla (1998)...

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YHS on Monster Island - I Guess We're Doing Godzilla 1998

If you want to listen to "The Tattooed Titan of Tokasatsu" Jacob Walsh act as a truth-telling troubadour trumpeting the trial and tribulations of Tri-Star...this is your episode...and YHS on Monster Island is your podcast. Mr. Walsh and his spunky sidekick, Jay Key, tackle the most maligned Godzilla film in the series - Godzilla (1998). More so than any other movie in the franchise save Godzilla vs. Hedorah, the "what ifs" and lore surrounding the production have become bigger than the film itself. Our hosts discuss those very aspects of this bloated and misguided flick along with everything from the seemingly unlimited merchandise to the lack of emotional connection to the characters (or, at least, the emotional connection that was intended by the filmmakers) to the radical design of the King of the Marine Iguanas. An interesting question is raised - if you applaud the new and unique approaches to Godzilla such as Shin Godzilla, Godzilla Earth, and Godzilla Ultima, can you not give credit to the Tri-Star interpretation for being, quite possibly, the furthest from the original concept?

All of this, plus Jay and Jake share their most recent toy purchases including the X-Plus Gigantic Godzilla 1954, a 2003 Marmit Varan, and...did Jay really buy Yamato Takeru figures?

Get some kaiju on the side with YHS on Monster Island!

SciFiJapan.com Article: "Godzilla Unmade" - https://www.scifijapan.com/godzilla-toho/godzilla-unmade-the-history-of-jan-de-bonts-unproduced-tristar-film-part-1


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