YHS on Monster Island - What Kaiju Need a Reboot or Reimagining?

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YHS on Monster Island - What Kaiju Need a Reboot or Reimagining?

Kaiju world rejoice! "The Tattooed Titan of Tokusatsu" Jacob Walsh and the "Mayor of Toku Toy Town" Jay Key have returned to record together - and what better way to get back on the horse (kaiju?) than discussing ways to give some love to undervalued and underappreciated monsters? It's a little bit fantasy filmmaking, a little bit intellectual kaiju commentary - but mostly it's just weird. After all, can Jay really sell us on the idea of a new Varan movie? Can a horror historian like Jake convince us that Godzilla could be creepy and scary for an entire film? Is there any point to saving Minya? And what about all of those alien races in the Toho universe? Your favorite hosts dive deep into these questions on this episode of YHS on Monster Island!

But that's not all! Jake and Jay discuss some recent film re-watches that range from the absurd (the alternate ending of Little Shop of Horrors) to the absurd-er (Gamera: Super Monster), kaiju collectible news (looking at you, Mezco!), and some personal collection-defining toy pick-ups including a Jacob Walsh "grail"! Also, did Jay just complete his Yamato Takeru mini-collection?

Listen now and get your #kaijuontheside!

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