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We have a special episode this week, mi gente! Episode 171 is all about how to create your dream job with a blog, featuring past students from the JYBB cohorts! Listen now!

Luzy King is the founder of Viva la Budget and Finance, a financial and business coaching agency for First Gen Latinas and immigrants. In 2019, Luzy launched her coaching business after being denied access to financial advice because she didn't have $100K to start investing. As a first-gen investor from humble beginnings, Luzy understands the challenges of building wealth since financial literacy is not taught in school or at home.

Candelaria (Cande) González is the creator of the Siempre Evolving blog. She writes about all things self-development and spirituality. It was created for open-minded Latinas and Women of Color who strive to learn and grow in all aspects of life. Cande is also a Life Coach for Latinas and WOC who are ready to drop societal conditioning and carve the path of the life they deserve. Her mission is to do her part in helping raise the collective consciousness of the world!

Joanna Muñoz is a furniture artist, DIYer and owner of the blog Painting by the Penny. She loves designing and decorating on a budget, and shares lots of tips and tricks like thrifting, painting furniture, and mixing old and new to create a beautiful and functional space.

Olga Muñoz is the founder of, a food blog with deliciously easy and healthy recipes for aspiring home cooks. After high school, she studied culinary arts and hospitality in New York City and Paris. After graduating with her bachelor's, Olga started her 14 year career in advertising, working with advertising agencies in New York, leading teams in producing and executing national and global experiential campaigns for fortune 500 companies and tech giants.

Tune in this week as these former students talk about their experiences with the Jump-Start Your Blog Bootcamp! They talk about why they decided to join the program, what they've been able to accomplish in their own lives as a result of the program, shifts in mindset they've experienced, some learning lessons that came up along the way and more! Y'all, one of our students quit her 9-5 job because of this bootcamp! 🤯👏🏼

For full episode show notes, visit here.

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