How to Redefine the Pursuit of Happiness | GiGi Diaz | Seizing Happy®

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Episode 162 is about how to redefine the pursuit of happiness, featuring GiGi Diaz of Seizing Happy®. Listen now!

GiGi Diaz is a Mindset & Social Media Branding Coach, executive producer and host of the Chats with GiGi podcast, and serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience. She’s the founder of Seizing Happy®; a life coaching organization dedicated to nurturing the business and the woman behind the business equally.

While still growing her first business, GiGi’s Academy back in 2003, GiGi received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology at Florida International University. It was during the pursuit for her Masters Degree in Communications that her life shifted entirely. She was working mornings as a radio host, evenings as a sports reporter, all while excelling in grad school, until the stress and exhaustion led her to the ER after losing her sight while driving.

After a lot of inner work and learning, GiGi became an ICF Certified Life Coach, specializing in Mindfulness and Happiness Studies. She founded her coaching business, Seizing Happy® and created her signature program, the 3Rs System: Reevaluate, Restructure, Reset your life for success with less stress.

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